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Electronic contract assembly Services
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contract assembly essex

Update your product

Let Midwinter help you design or update your product, using our expert knowledge of price and availability, especially of rare components.

Electronic circuit design

Midwinter can use your analogue and/or digital circuits from rough sketches and translate them to schematic drawings and create single, double or multi layer Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for surface mount and/or conventional components.

Mechanical design

From rough sketches Midwinter can design the metalwork for you. Chassis, boxes, modifications to existing drawings etc.

Parts Lists

We can check your parts lists and suggest alternatives, that may be cheaper or more efficient.




MTL can help help make your product dreams a reality

We can get involved as much or as little as you need

If you don’t see what you want on the page above - ask us

Contact us

Midwinter Technology can design your product with you or for you

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