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Electronic contract assembly Services
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contract assembly essex

Connection types

We can assemble simple to complex cables as connector/connector or connector/flying lead with terminations such as spades, connectors, ferrules, or other connector plugs and sockets.

We can offer advice on the suitability of connectors with respect to the environment for which they are intended.

Panel wiring

We can wire cases or control cabinets to your schedule/drawing and fit your numbering to each wire and assist with advice on European wiring standards.

We can assemble simple to complex bare harnesses (cable looms) to your schedule/drawing with connectors, spades, ferrules and numbering to drop into your case or cabinet, saving you time and money.

Cable types


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Assembly of cables, cable forms, connectors and panel wiring

Tired of cable forming consuming your companies time and tying you in knots?

Midwinter can help turn that frown upside down!

Always happy to be a sub-contracting solution